The historic Olive Hill High School on “the Hill.”

Renovation is finally nearing completion and we are all excited, soon the Olive Hill Branch of the Carter County Public Library will be joining us on the Hill on the top floor. Historically, the top floor housed the original library when the High School still hosted classes. Today, we see the same function returning to the building. This is a great achievement, not only for the Historical Society and Public Library, but for Olive Hill. New opportunities have presented themselves, such as our purchasing of the former Elementary building, which now houses our ‘Shoppes on the Hill.” We’re hosting plays, events, and performances that have long been a tradition of the Historical Society in our gym for the first time about two years. We’re all very excited. We hope you’re excited as well, as we couldn’t have done this without your help! Many volunteers and donors have enabled us to do so much.

We always need your help, though! Any and all donations are apperciated! Below you’ll find a link that will take you to a page were our donation information can be found. We hope you will become part of our group and your community!

Donation information can be found on our Donation page. All donations are tax deductible.