OHHS Receives $325k ARC Grant

Olive Hill, KY — An ARC grant for the amount of $325,000 has been awarded to the Olive Hill Historical Society to renovate the top floor of the Olive Hill Arts & Education Center/Old Olive Hill High School. The grant will also cover installation of the HVAC systems that the society has recently received.

Hal Rogers, Congressman, addressed the Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce with the news of the Grant. The top floor of the old Olive High School will host the Olive Hill Public Library upon the completion of the renovation. This will bring the public library out the flood plane of downtown Olive Hill.

This grant is expected to help cover higher than expected renovation costs that have delayed us for almost two years, to finish a goal that we’ve been aimed at for more than 15 years.

Linda Lowe, President of the Historical Society, commented:

The architect simply underestimated the cost of adapting a 90-year-old building to the building and safety codes of this time, We tried to bid it three times with $530,000 from two earlier grants but it simply wasn’t enough money to do the job right.

Once the work is done, the building will be renamed the “Olive Hill Arts and Education Center.” The Ashland Community and Technical College has agreed to offer classes in refurbished classrooms. An elevator, for those that are disabled, will also be installed. The bottom floor will remain un-renovated for storage.

Debbie Baker Harman, VP, commented:

“We felt in our hearts that this was the right thing to do and that it would create a wonderful community asset at much less expense than a new building.” “We are preserving a historic structure which holds so many memories for our community.”


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