OHHS accepts bid for $732,000

Olive Hill, Ky — The Olive Hill Historical Society is announcing that it is accepting the bid from Tri-State Construction and Enterprise, LLC. There bid was $731,897.00, it will cover all costs in the contract, except for the gymnasium HVAC to an error in the contract. We have around $20,000 left for the installation of the gym HVAC, and it is estimated that it will take around $50,000 for the installation; meaning we are needing $30,000 for HVAC installation.

The current contract includes renovating the top floor and stairwells (top to bottom). It will also upgrade the classrooms to basic usable condition. An elevator will be installed on the east end, it will provide accessibility to the top floor for access to the Olive Hill Public Library. A sprinkler system for the entire building will also be installed.

The Olive Hill Historical Society is excited to be in the final stages of completing the renovation, it has been a long, drawn out process due to non-sufficient funds to complete the renovation in a more timely manner.

As always, the Olive Hill Historical Society would like to thank all its members and donors for supporting us, and we hope that everyone will continue to support us in our endeavors.

Us the Contact Us page for more information.

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