Help Us Keep the Lights On!

With the renovation of the top floor well underway, the Olive Hill Historical Society has been presented an amazing offer to buy the rest of the historic campus (sans Science annex). The Carter County Board of Education has stated that we can buy the property for $45,000, but this is where we need your help. The historical society has limited parking capacity on the hill, so we need the rest of this hill to create more parking spaces for when we host our events, such as “Christmas on the Hill.”

We would like to purchase the rest of the campus not only to increase our parking space, but to also  provide more room for events,  and to create financial opportunities for the historical society to increase its revenue. The space that is available in these buildings would provide a source of revenue for leasing rooms and building to individuals for events and office spaces.

We ask your assistance in raising funds to purchase the rest of the hill, install HVAC in the gymnasium, and help to keep the lights on. Not only are we asking you to think about helping with this effort, but we need you to spread the word.  Who do you know that can help us that might not be following us on our website or Facebook?  Please help us get this information out to everyone you know.

Donation information can be found on our Donation page. All donations are tax deductible.

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