Society buys signs, forms committees

The Historical Society met in their regular session on Aug. 5 in the Tea Room in the former Olive Hill Elementary building that was purchased last year.

The Society will host the Olive Hill Chamber of Commerce on Aug. 20 and will offer lunch. We will also have a dinner meeting on Oct. 6 at 6 p.m.

Linda Lowe, President, updated that directional signage was purchased for the Hill. A sign will be placed perpendicular to US 60 on an old utility pole, another smaller sign will placed at the Shoppes building and an ‘Additional Parking’ sign.

Some committees received chairs:

  • Arts: Debbie Harman and Diane Greene
  • Education: Linda Lowe
  • Buildings and Grounds: Bill, Peanut and Ed Cook
  • Membership Development: Carol James, Loyd Eden and Cory Claxon
  • Fundraising: Sue Porter
  • Hospitality: Norma Cartee
  • Media/Public Relations: Ashley Dawn and Cory Claxon

The committees will consist of people who signed for a committee during the ‘Love Our New Beginnings’ event in February.

Linda updated that engraved bricks were still on sale.

There are also events coming up:

  • Lexington Children’s Theater, Sept. 15 and 29.
  • Antique Show, Oct. 23 and 24.
  • Christmas Open House at the Shoppes, Nov. 14
  • Christmas on the Hill, Dec. 4

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