Olive Hill Historical Society conducts voluntary audit, ramps up programming

The Olive Hill Historical Society, also known as the Olive Hill Center for Arts and Education, recently received a positive outcome from a voluntary financial audit conducted by Kelley, Galloway, Smith and Goolsby, PSC.

“We decided to do this for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we think that financial transparency is critical toward maintaining the trust of the public. Also, going through the process helps us learn about how to improve our financial tracking methods, simply making things easier to find.  And, having an audit provides us with an important foundation when seeking financial support from individuals, businesses, and grantors,” said Debbie Baker Harman, vice president and arts team co-coordinator.

“People need assurance that we are honest and responsible with the handling of our finances, and also that grant money is spent only on its intended use, which is specified by the grantor,” she added.

“Currently, the organization does not have grant money that subsidizes day-to-day operations, so operational support is developed solely through their fundraising efforts. The organization is moving forward with increased programming, especially in the arts, particularly for children. We are working closely with the schools on some of our projects, and have received wonderful support,” says Diane Greene, arts team co-coordinator, who along with assistance from Amy Greene, a teacher, is directing the upcoming children’s musicals “Pirates” and “Pirates 2.”   Sarah Hylton and Hannah Hamm will be the choral directors for the Pirates program.

As much as possible, activities are made available at low or no cost, such as the “Pirates” musicals, and a workshop on songwriting on Saturday, April 9, which is offered in partnership with the Association for Library Services to Children’s grant to the Carter County Public Library.

For more information on activities at the Olive Hill Center for Arts and Education, call 286-5505 or email dbharman@hotmail.com. The audit report can be found on the web at www.olivehillhistoricalsociety.org.

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