About Us

The Olive Hill Center for Arts and Education


Truly a “labor of love,” the Olive Hill Center for Arts and Education, owned by the Olive Hill Historical Society, Inc., was  built in 1929 by a group of local citizens because the city needed a new school, and the public funds needed were not available at that time.  The building served as the Olive Hill High School for many years, then later as the Olive Hill Elementary School.

When Olive Hill received a new elementary school building, the historic structure was vacated and eventually fell into disrepair.  However, in 1998, the Historical Society formed and purchased the property, then beginning the challenging task of restoration.

Through the blessings of state and federal grants, as well as state and county line item appropriations, the building is now over two-thirds restored and has come to life to fulfill the Society’s original vision:  to make arts, education, and cultural heritage available to our community. The Olive Hill Public Library is now housed on the top floor, and we have resumed our arts programming, with educational opportunities also in planning stages.

Donation information can be found on our Donation page. All donations are tax deductible.